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Instagram Thumbnail Download : Have you ever wanted to save photos & videos that someone has posted on Instagram? Maybe you want to keep a physical copy of them, or maybe you're planning on deleting your account and want to make sure you have copies of all your photos first. Whatever the reason. 😜

Instagram Thumbnail Downloader

Well, here we are for that! Instagram Photo or Thumbnail Downloader can easily IG photos/carousel download , & it allows you to download all of someone's Instagram posts in just a few clicks. Plus, this WebApp is 😋 FREE! So if you're looking for a way to save all of your favorite Instagram photos album & videos. We have you covered.

How to Download Photos :

  • Go to instagram post, then click 3 dots (⋮) button
  • Click "Copy Link"
  • Go to ""
  • Paste the Copied Link in the Input Box
  • Click "GET" button, wait a bit
  • Click "Downlod Image" in HD (jpg)
  • Enjoy Photo/Carousel 😝

IG Photos Downloader :

Instagram Photos Download : If you love taking photos and uploading them to Instagram, then you're going to love this WebApp! 😜 is a brand new webApp that allows you to download all of your Instagram photos as well as Reels, Videos, Stories & more..😀 in one easy step. Whether you want to save them for posterity or just have a backup,'s IG photos Downloader HD makes it simple and easy. So why wait? Get downloading!

How to Download Photos/Album ?

Copy Instagram Link
Copy Photo Link

Copy Photo or Carousel Link just tap on 3 Dots (⋮) on instagram photos post & then click on "Copy Link"

Paste Link !
Paste Photo/Carousel Link

Then Paste the "copied link" in Input Box (Paste directly, tap on Paste icon).
Then click "Get" Button

Download Photo

Now Wait a bit to get Photos/Album & then Click "Download Photo" to Save Photos or Images

Instagram Photo Downloader ?

Today Instagram is the #1 Place to share photos on Social Media. So if you want Download & save photos (jpg) from Instagram in HD Quality to your Smartphone then 😉 Try our Instagram Photo Downloader.

Photo Carousel or Album : Download Multiple photos/videos in a instagram post. You can easily download all the photos on this website

Our Website Supports All the Devices :

  • Android & iPhone
  • Mac & PC
  • Tablet
  • ..more

Install (App > 1MB) Mini App

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Can I Download Private Photos ?

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